Weekly Fav’s Wednesday {10.29.14}

Happy Wednesday, in honor of Halloween, here’s this weeks Fav’s.

Fav~ Halloween Porch

Fav~ Cupcakes

Fav~ Welcome Sign

Fav~ Pumpkins

Fav~ Creative Halloween Idea

Fav~ Baby’s Costume, so cute!

Fav~ Table Display

Fav~ Fall Porch

Till next week…Enjoy!


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Hall Bath Chronicles- Tile Floor Pt3

I finished laying the tile in our upstairs hall bath.

My next step was to clean any remaining thin-set off the tile, along with excess thin-set in-between the tiles.
Now that the prep work is done I can finally grout!

I always love this part, it makes all the hard work come to life.
Now I just need to let the grout dry for about 24 hours then I can seal it. But before the grout dries I can clean the excess with a sponge.

Stay Tuned…More to come with our Hall Bath Makeover…

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Color Series; Decorating with Gold

I use to not like Gold at all, but lately I’m loving it; especially accents of Gold. Here are inspiration pics on how to incorporate Gold into your home.

Find all the sources below; you can also find everything
on my Pinterest Page, Here.

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