How to build a Pool or A/C Equipment Cover, part 2

Finally revealing my updated side yard with my new DIY Pool & A/C cover. If you remember I shared the builiding of the cover a couple weeks ago, HERE. I also shared inspiration for “Drought Tolerant Landscape & Path Ideas” and “Clever Ways to Hide AC & Pool Equipment”. Now for the final reveal!

So I left off completing the cover, I had it in place but my next step was to stain and landscape. So first I added some soil to level the ground.

Then I used old excess floor underlayment to act as a weed barrier. I also placed 2 pavers where I planned on placing my potted plants. My initial thought was to place the pots on the paver and have rocks around, but I ended up not liking how that looked so I just used the pavers as a platform for the pots.

Next I added some river rock.

I then moved on to the other side where I would have landscaping. We bought all our supplies and started our plan.

First we planed 4 Privet hedge plants along the fence. Were hoping these grow in nice & thick for some added privacy.

Then we laid out all our other plants where we thought they would go best.

We went with Succulents, Fescue, and some variations of Flax.

We planted all those and then added a top layer of black mulch. For the potted plants that would go in front of the AC unit we found these awesome concrete planters at Target.

I put them in place and realized I wasn’t liking the large rocks. Of course we decided to change to mini pebbles. Instead of wasting the river rocks, we just moved them behind the pool equipment.

You can see I ended up covering the pavers with the rocks.

Here’s the final landscaping of the side yard. I really loved how it turned out!

Now for the reveal pics. You’ll also noticed the cover was stained a dark walnut color.

Were soo happy with the final results, now if only we could make the rest of the yard look this nice!

Here’s the the before and after again.


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