DIY // Valentines Day Heart Ribbon Wreath

Another Valentines Day project. In case you missed last weeks DIY // Valentines Day Love Sign go check it out. My Valentines Day mantle is coming together and today is a easy tutorial for a Valentines Day Heart Ribbon Wreath.

To make this you’ll need the following:

  • Foam Heart, I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

First start cutting the ribbon down to size. I took 1 piece and made that my template piece. I’m also using 2 types of ribbon to add more interest.

Once you have them cut start tying them on the foam heart. This will take some time to cover the entire heart.

I tied each ribbon in a double knot to make sure it stays.

Keep going.

Here’s where I made it using 2 rolls of ribbon, both were 15ft long. I ended up buying a total of 7 rolls of ribbon. I did have leftover.

Keep the process going till its entirely wrapped. I think I only spent 1 hour total doing this, watching TV helped!

Finally, I tied 1 more piece of ribbon to the top and taped it to my mantle mirror.

That’s it! Here’s some more pics all done.

Come back Friday to see my full Valentines Day mantle reveal!


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Big Girl Room, New Bed + New Layout

We bought and built the new bed for my daughters “Big Girl” bedroom. With that I decided to change everything! I knew this would most likely happen once we had her new bed, but not this much!

First, we debated which daybed to go with. I originally wanted to purchase this bed.

But after I measured her new room about 10 times and 10 different ways, I realized this bed would overpower the room. Its pretty tall!

So we decided to purchase the IKEA Hemnes daybed.

I figured we could always move this bed in our office or bonus room if we ever had to change our daughters room to be a shared bedroom once we have a 3rd child. That’s the goal at least.

So even though the IKEA bed is about the same size the sides and back are much shorter. Here was my original plan and layout.

We tried placing the bed like above but it ended up covering most of the window and created a awkward dead space. So we moved it on the other wall and positioned it against the window.

Here’s the new and current layout.

I also decided a tall dresser seemed odd in this space and adding any other furniture made the room feel bulky. So we decided to move our daughters current dresser into this room.

I also plan on adding the matching nightstand to the room, but I still need to finish that to match the grey dresser.

Next I decided to remove the bookshelf since it again overpowered the space. I plan on buying a small open shelf and fixing it to match the decor.

Here’s her new bed in its new location.

We also purchased some new bedding.

Finally, we placed the mattress and the little one was so excited!

Now to get the bedding washed and made so she can start sleeping in her new room!

My list needed some major updating this week with all the changes, plus I realized I have a bunch of little things to add;  here’s what I have left:

  • Patch and re-texture walls.
  • Add baseboard moulding.
  • Paint walls & trim.
  • Fix closet; the closet rod recently fell down.
  • Install curtains.
  • Get new bed.
  • Redo old nightstand.
  • Redo old IKEA Malm dresser. Not doing this anymore.
  • Buy and “Hack” a small open shelf.
  • Add wall art.
  • Add mirrors to the closet doors.
  • Paint the closet doors.
  • Add book ledges.
  • Sew pillows with fabric I already have.
  • Finally decorate & style!

Till next time, enjoy!

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