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  1. Cheryl on said:

    Hi I was just wondering if your dresser turned a little yellower with each thin coat of wipe-on poly.
    I spray painted my kitchen cupboards ivory satin and then spray painted minwax poly satin on top – color changed only slightly, now I am brush/roller painting the background cupboards with ivory match paint and was going to put a thin coat of wipe on poly am concerned that it will be more yellow than the sprayed on doors, I was thinking that one coat of wipe-on poly wont be as yellow as 2 or 3? Tks – your dresser does not look like it turned yellow?

    • AShadeOfTeal on said:

      Hi! Yes, it did turn slightly yellow after it dried. I ended up sanding off those portions that looked too yellow. But, I think too many coats of poly will look really yellow, maybe try a wax. Good Luck!

  2. Hi!
    Love all your projects–each is better than the next! When you mod podged your dresser interior fabric did you just do it underneath the fabric or also on top. And if so on top, how many coats?

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